Secret of Pláč


Secret of tears : The power stone is in Pláč's tears.
If you wish under the full moonlight with Pláč , your dreams will come true.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crying Bear Pláč lottery project!

Wafflish Waffle designer clothing company in Japan has started Crying Bear Pláč lottery project! Just click "like" on the Wafflish Waffle FB page and click "like"the timeline post.
Six persons will win one big Pláč or five small Pláč in the lottery on the 19th of every month. Whether you live in Japan or anywhere, you have a chance, so please try to win the Crying Bear Pláč!!
ワッフリッシュ ワッフルさんのプラーチェ・プレゼントが始まりました!毎月19日、抽選で大きなプラーチェ1個、小さなプラーチェ5個を計6名様に!! 応募方法は、このワッフリッシュ ワッフルさんのTLを読んでください!海外からでも応募できますよ~!

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